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Jess Burrage

Occupational Therapist
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 2021.

Jess Burrage recently graduated from Occupational Therapy at Deakin University, Geelong. Jess’ interest in hand therapy began when she completed splinting at university and had the opportunity to complete an overseas hand therapy placement in India in 2020.

Jess currently works in the western suburbs clinics as she lives locally, giving her the chance to help people in her area with hand and arm injuries.

Jess is passionate Occupational Therapist eager to assist with people’s recovery of returning to occupation’s and functional activities ranging from treating people post-surgery, with fractures, new mums and dads with wrist instability, to people who have work injuries or chronic injuries.

Jess wants clients to have a good experience in her sessions with treating and education in company with having a laugh. She is committed to providing person centred care through understanding patients values and needs, listening to peoples’ experience’s and continually liaising with GP’s and her team on patient’s best treatment. Jess is in a team of 3 in the western suburbs who work closely together.

Jess continues weekly professional development alongside courses to excel her skills and knowledge. Jess is looking forward to completing a dry needling course to provide further treatment options for her patients.
Jess enjoys running, playing netball, catching up with friends and family, travelling and heading down the coast to relax.

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