This clinic uses data collected for research purposes, as per our privacy policy.

In commencing treatment at Action Rehab, you understand that all relevant medical information will be supplied to the referring doctor and other health professionals involved in your care. You must advise Action Rehab if you do not wish for this to occur. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for a detailed description regarding how we handle your personal information. 

A $30 cancellation fee is charged when less than 2 business days’ notice is given of any appointment cancellation. This will not be charged if the appointment is moved to another day or time. Compensable patients (WorkSafe, TAC or DVA) will be required to personally pay for this fee.

Accounts must be paid within 7 days from the invoice date or a $20 administration fee will apply to each invoice. We ask that fees are paid at the time of consultation where possible.

Additional costs associated with any debt collecting and/or legal expenses applicable to an overdue account will be the responsibility of the patient/client.

Any patients who are treated by Ben Cunningham for an initial appointment will incur a $145 initial consultation fee. If you are a compensable patient (DVA, TAC or WorkSafe) you will therefore have out of pocket expenses due. Please check with the administration team when booking your appointment with Ben Cunningham. 


In the event that my therapist prescribes dry needling I agree to give verbal consent and I understand that the possible side effects to dry needling include:

  • Increased tiredness
  • Light headedness
  • Bruising/swelling
  • Light bleeding
  • Aching body

I agree to provide my therapist with any other health related information that may impact myself or my therapist in the event of dry needling treatment.