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Consider early injections, followed by mobilisation, stretching and strengthening exercises.


Frozen shoulder, also known as capsulitis is a condition that affects the joint capsule of the shoulder joint. The shoulder capsule is a fibrous connective tissue structure that surrounds and encloses the shoulder joint. In frozen shoulder, the capsule becomes inflamed, thickened and contracts. This leads to pain and loss of shoulder movement.

The cause of frozen shoulder is not entirely clear, though it is closely associated with diabetes, thyroid disorders, following surgery and prolonged immobilisation. Frozen shoulder occurs in twice as many women than men, and commonly affects to non-dominant arm.

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The early stages of frozen shoulder can be difficult to differentiate from other conditions. Typically people develop pain in the front of their arm. This pain can become incredibly severe, particularly overnight and with jerking movements. The hallmark sign of a frozen shoulder is stiffness of the shoulder joint, in both active and passive movements. This stiff affects your ability to lift your arm above your head, reach out to the side or put your hand behind your back, and causes significant functional restraint.

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Our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and managing your hand and upper extremity – your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand – injuries or conditions, so you know you’re in good hands.

The hand therapists at Action Rehab are experienced in the assessment and treatment of frozen shoulder injuries. With a reputation endorsed by sporting organisations like the Melbourne Football Club, Action Rehab is the smart choice for treating your frozen shoulder.

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Before going down the path of receiving treatment for your frozen shoulder, it is really important to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Some conditions, particularly sinister pathologies can masquerade as a frozen shoulder. Our Action Rehab therapists are trained in early detection of frozen shoulder and will be able to refer and interpret your scans to help you decide on an appropriate treatment plan. 

Once you have an accurate diagnosis, there are multiple options for treating your frozen shoulder. If pain is a predominant feature of your frozen shoulder, an early steroid injection or hydrodilitation can be very helpful to settle your symptoms. We can liaise with your GP or specialist to organise this if it is an option. If indicated, and once you have had an injection our management of frozen shoulder aims to control your pain and increase your movement, this may include;

  • Taping
  • Manual therapy
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening

Generally surgery is not recommended for frozen shoulder until you have attempted at least six-months of rehab. If your shoulder is still not up to scratch after this, surgical options are available. Action Rehab work with the best shoulder surgeons in Melbourne and can facilitate an opinion if required.


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Frozen Shoulder is complex and can lead to serious complications and frustrations if not treated appropriately.

Choosing the right hand Therapist starts with them being able to read your X-rays and then fabricate the right brace for you. The therapists at Action Rehab are experienced in assessing and reading X-rays.

Our therapists do regular GP and Emergency Doctor training and can advise on the most appropriate action for your Frozen Shoulder treatment.

Known for providing treatment for Frozen Shoulder and other hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries Action Rehab are the hand therapists that Melbourne trusts.

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Frozen Shoulder is more common than most think. It occurs frequently post-operatively, particularly for women and diabetics.

Frozen Shoulder is caused by inflammation and contraction of the capsule the surrounds the shoulder joint. It is strongly associated with diabetes, thyroid disease, post-stroke and following shoulder surgery.

If treated well, Frozen Shoulder should resolve within six-months.

There are surgical options for Frozen Shoulder, including arthoscopic capsular release and manipulation under anaesthetic. This is generally not considered untio on-operative options such as rehab and injections have been exhausted.

Frozen Shoulder is a seriously painful condition, particularly in the early stages of the condition. People suffering from frozen shoulder can have symptoms that never resolve if left untreated.

It is unlikely that your frozen shoulder will self-resolve quickly. The natural history of frozen shoulder is widely disputed, though litrature reports that without treatment people will have symptoms more than 2-years following initial onset.


Action Rehab provide assessment and treatment for all conditions relating to the upper limb, including frozen shoulder. Come and see our highly qualified and friendly staff today at a location convenient to you.