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If you’ve injured or are experiencing pain, discomfort, or swelling, anywhere from your elbow to your arm, you’ve come to the right place.


Having a passion for sports often comes with an increased risk of suffering from physical injuries. While engaging in an active lifestyle is important, acknowledging what causes these injuries, as well as understanding how to prevent them from occurring in the first place is key for athletes of all ages.

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Sport is an integral part of many peoples lives. Injuries impact on the enjoyment and social aspect of sport and can sideline you for extended periods of time. The therapists at Action Rehab understand this and aim to manage your injuries with the least disruption to your sporting pursuits returning you to full function as soon as possible.

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Our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and managing your hand and upper extremity – your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand – injuries or conditions, so you know you’re in good hands.

The hand therapists at Action Rehab are experienced in the assessment and treatment of common sports injuries. With a reputation endorsed by sporting organisations like the Melbourne Football Club, Action Rehab is the smart choice for treating sports-related injuries.

Get on the road to recovery, so you can do the things you love.

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Call us on 1300 762 227 for an appointment, or schedule an appointment online by clicking the button below.


Tennis and Golfers elbow is caused by repetitively using or overloading the muscles in your wrist. Often the pain is located at the elbow joint. At Action Rehab we aim to get you back to the sport and work as soon as possible. Treatment can include a wrist splint to rest the ‘irritated muscle, soft tissue massage and strengthening exercises to restore the strength and stability in your arm. Contact us today for your treatment.

Tennis elbow physiotherapy | action rehab

At Action Rehab, a therapist may recommend a number of the following treatments that may include a combination following: Activity Restrictions: Limit use and rest the arm from activities that worsen symptoms. One of our custom made water resistant and removable brace. And a series of exercises for strengthening and stretching exercises to the forearm once your symptoms have decreased.

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Action Rehab provide assessment and treatment for all conditions relating to the upper limb, including mallet finger. Come and see our highly qualified and friendly staff today at a location convenient to you.