Tendon Injury – Central Slip Injury



If you’ve had a knock on your finger and it starts to swell, becomes sore, or becomes difficult to straighten the middle joint of the injured finger you may have a Central Slip Injury.  The injury and swelling may not happen at the exact time of injury, and will often gradually get worse in the following days and sometimes weeks. One of the key signs you may have a Central Slip Inury is when the back of the middle joint on the injured finger becomes tender to touch.

How it occurs

Central slip injuries are caused when the middle knuckle of the finger (proximal interphalangeal joint) is forcibly bent forwards. The joint may pop out of place but doesn’t normally stay dislocated or look out of place later on. This often happens when the finger punches something, is hit by a ball, or is knocked forcefully.


if you have a central slip injury (Boutonierre Deformity) it will need to be splinted in order for it to heal correctly. the splint till hold the injured finger in place for up to 6 weeks. Once the tendon injury is healed, it may be stiff and need to be stretched and strengthened. The team at Action Rehab will assess your injury and make sure you are supported back to the best mobility possible.

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