Scapholunate Ligament Injury

Wrist and Forearm


If you have an injured scapholunate ligament, your wrist will be swollen and painful, especially with certain movement. You may also see the following symptoms:

  • Pain when bending (especially backward movement)
  • Pain and swelling, usually on the back side of the wrist
  • Popping or grinding
  • Weakness in the wrist and limited movement

How it occurs

A scapholunate ligament injury is one of the most commonly injuries in the hand. The scapholunate ligament connects the scaphoid to the lunate (2 small bones in your hand) and abnormal flexing or extension can cause a tear or strain because the scapholunate ligament connects these bones tightly.


Scapholunate ligament Injuries can be treated with with our custom made thermoplastic waterproof orthosis. This custom made ‘cast’ traditionally stays on the patient for 2-6 weeks with limited and minimal activity such as gripping and pushing.

Our Action Rehab Rehab clinicians will tailor an exercise program including ROM and strengthening as part of the rehabilitation process.

Meet Mielikki


Mielikki graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours. Mielikki has worked in a variety of roles including public hospitals and private practice. Mielikki’s areas of interest include shoulder conditions, hand and wrist trauma, pain management as well as customised wrist and hand splinting.

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