Finger Dislocation – Volar Plate



If your finger is fully dislocated it will more than likely be extremely painful, your finger may look short or out of shape. You will also experience swelling around the area and weakness in that finger. If you finger ‘goes back in’, this is normal, but you will still experiencing soreness and swelling.

How it occurs

Dislocation occurs most commonly in sports, where a finger is either bent to far backwards or pushed forwards with a lot of force.


A dislocated finger can be as serious as a fracture, so it should be treated as such. We use Thermoplastic Waterproof orthosis (a finger splint) that is normally applied for 6 weeks depending on the results of an x-ray. We will also recommend gentle exercise at the right time to make sure your finger heals up correctly.

Splinting time will vary significantly- we will advise patients based on our assessment with exercises generally starting immediately.

Action Rehab can also fabricate a sports guard (as appropriate) to facilitate an early and safe return to sport.

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Jordan completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Ballarat, he then followed this by completing the Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University in Sydney. Jordan is a keen sportsmen, with a keen interest in AFL, cricket and golf. These interests helped develop a fascination with the prevention and treatment of upper limb injuries.

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