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Felicity Zheng


Masters of Physiotherapy



Felicity Zheng graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelors of health science and a Master’s of physiotherapy.

During University, Felicity studied a variety of health-related fields including human anatomy and biomechanics. Her clinical journey involved treating hip and knee replacements in hospitals and managing injuries as a sports trainer for a local footy club.

Felicity discovered her passion for hand therapy during her final clinical placement at University. Fascinated by upper limb anatomy, she pursued a graduate fellowship program in hand therapy, solidifying her dedication. Eager to share this passion, she assisted in tutoring early career therapists, providing practical on-the-job training in hand therapy.

She is committed to aiding patients in regaining their pre-injury capabilities, whether it’s work, sports, or personal interests. Felicity prioritizes staying updated with the latest hand therapy research to develop personalized rehabilitation programs.

Beyond work, Felicity indulges in various sports like volleyball, futsal, and kickboxing. She also enjoys revisiting memorable moments, such as the Federer vs Djokovic 2019 Wimbledon finals.

Her experience as both a patient and a therapist fuels her passion to equip individuals with the tools to manage their injuries. Felicity is devoted to supporting people in overcoming upper limb injuries at Action Rehab.

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