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Jonathan Cooper

Clinic Partner
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science (B.ExSc)
  • Master of Physiotherapy Practice (M.Physio)

Jonathan Cooper is one of our senior clinicians, and is an experienced physiotherapist with special interest in helping you with your problem. He takes pride in providing a tailored and evidence-based approach to helping people achieve their goals, be that returning to sports and work, or even be able to put their socks on in the morning.

Jon grew up in regional Victoria and elected to stay regional for his qualifications, completing both a Bachelor of Exercise Science, as well as a Master’s in Physiotherapy Practice at Latrobe University Bendigo. Jon’s background in exercise and sports science puts him in in a very good position to take all of his patients from acute injury management, to gym-based strengthening and conditioning, to elite performance. He has experience in treating all musculoskeletal conditions of the upper limb and has a special interest in helping people recover from shoulder injuries.

When not working clinically, Jon finds it important to keep up to date on current research in upper limb rehabilitation and sports medicine. Outside of physiotherapy, Jon enjoys playing cricket, brewing his own craft beer, and manicuring his lawn. Be sure to ask him about his dog.

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