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Will Eagle

Clinic Partner

Bachelor of Sport Science & Health and Master of Physiotherapy Studies


Will graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. He then completed a Masters of Physiotherapy studies at the University of Queensland. 

From a very early age Will developed a love for all sports and physical movement. After completing a year 10 work experience placement at his local physiotherapy clinic it was clear to him that Physiotherapy was a profession he may enjoy.

Biomechanics of sport and the human body has always fascinated Will. When presented with the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of upper limb biomechanics it became apparent to him how complex movement of the upper limb is, particularly the wrist. It is the application of these biomechanics to the sports he loves which interests him most.

With over 6 years of upper limb therapy experience, Will has discovered that the most important aspect of therapy is education. Having an in depth understanding of upper limb biomechanics paired with his knowledge of movements in sport, allows him to educate and construct the perfect rehabilitation program tailored to your sport.

He also enjoys working with the elderly to improve quality of life and activities of daily living.

Will continues to work on his golf game in his spare time which can be exceptionally frustrating.

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