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Niall Brennan


Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Trigger point dry needling




Niall graduated from The University of Limerick (Ireland)
with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Originally from
Kilkenny, Ireland, Niall moved to Australia to further his
career in Physiotherapy, particularly in hand therapy.
During University Niall studied a variety of health-related
fields including human anatomy and physiology. During
University he has clinical experience working within the acute
setting providing care at ward level, and also in the outpatient
setting as an MSK and Paediatric Physiotherapist.
Most recently, Niall spent close to 2 years working within the
HSE in a sub-acute hospital which provided intense rehab to
patients with a variety of orthopaedic and neurological
conditions. During these 2 years, within a Multi-disciplinary
team with extensive experience, Niall played a key role in the
continued care, rehab and re-integration of patients into the
Niall developed a passion for hand therapy due to his interest
in human anatomy which he studied in University and his keen
interest in sport. He understands the importance of the upper
limb in day to day life and enjoys helping clients regain their
function post injury.
Outside of work you’ll find Niall either playing or watching
football. He is a passionate supporter of Manchester United
and can often be found reminiscing about the past as
Manchester United have little cheer about in recent times.
Niall is new to Australia and is currently looking for a footie
team to support so he is open to suggestions!

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