Common shoulder treatments and symptoms

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As well as attaching your shoulder blade to your upper arm, the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your shoulder do a lot of work and provide a lot of movement.

Sports and work-related shoulder injuries are common, but we assess and treat a wide range of concerns and conditions. The more common ones include:

Shoulder Dislocation -
Posterior or Anterior Fracture

Caused after the upper arm bone pops out of the shoulder socket. Can lead to pain, bruising, numbness, weakness or deformity.
- How we treat it

Cuff Tear

Often feels like a dull ache in the shoulder, especially when lifting things over your head. Can making sleeping difficult.
- How we treat it

Shoulder Bursitis

Pain in the shoulder, especially when lifting things and using the hand. Common in throwing or sports that require overhead use such as Tennis and Golf.
- How we treat it

Acromioclavicular Joint
(AC Joint) Injury

Caused by a sprain to the ligaments that attach the collar bone to the shoulder. Common in contact sports like rugby and can lead to shoulder pain, weakness and deformity.
- How we treat it

Frozen Shoulder
Adhesive Capsulitis

A painful condition that leads to the movement of your shoulder to become very limited, and can be very painful at night.
- How we treat it

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