Shoulder Bursitis



Shoulder bursitis can cause redness and swelling on the tip of the shoulder joint. It causes pain on the tip of the shoulder that can radiate down the side of the arm, and is made worse with reaching overhead.

How it occurs

Shoulder bursitis is most commonly caused through overuse, particularly for those who do a lot of heavy overhead work. It can be caused by a blow to the shoulder, which can cause the bursa to become inflamed, or can also be caused by other conditions in the shoulder, such as arthritis.


It is important to know that not all people need an injection to treat their bursitis, this is something that can be discussed between you, your therapist and your doctor. We will provide a thorough examination and provide a specific exercise program in conjunction with hands on treatments to return your strength and range of motion.

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Lauren graduated from Dublin City University with a Bachelor of Sport Science and Health before completing her Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. Lauren has a wide variety of experience having worked in private practice, aged care and community rehabilitation. Over the last ten years Lauren has treated many different injuries which allows her to provide a thorough assessment and treatment approach to each individual’s care needs.

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