Wrist Arthritis – Distal Radioulnar Joint arthritis

Wrist and Forearm


Pain and stiffness are common symptoms of all types of arthritis. Inflammation your wrist can be a sign of arthritis. Other signs and symptoms of arthritis of the wrist include stiffness, weakness, swelling, limited range of motion, clicking, or grinding sounds on movement.

How it occurs

Arthritis attacks your bones by destroying the cartilage around them. This causes your bones to rub against one another. There are four type of arthritis that can affect the wrist:

Osteoarthritis – develops overtime as cartilage naturally wears down

Rheumatoid arthritis – an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own tissues

Psoriatic arthritis – is an inflammatory skin and joint disease

Post traumatic arthritis – Can occur after an injury to the wrist


Action Rehab hand therapy team are able to provide arthritis treatments, educate and rehabilitate using heat, strengthening and range of motion exercises to improve function. In some cases, the team at Action Rehab will use splints and casts to treat wrist arthritis.

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