Common hand treatments and symptoms

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Our hands play a vital role in performing day-to-day activities. Without them, we couldn’t touch, feel, hold, grip, or caress objects. They’re essential, and because they are used all the time, we are often asked to look after breaks, fractures and dislocations, strains from repetitive movements, and arthritis.

A few of the more common conditions we diagnose and treat include:

Sprained or
Fractured Fingers

Causes throbbing pain when moving the finger. Broken fingers may appear disfigured, swollen or out of alignment.
- How we treat it


Shows as swelling and a loss of motion. Causes immediate pain when trying to form a fist. Fingers may also feel stiff, wonky and numb.
- How we treat it

Thumb Arthritis -
Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis

Can cause severe pain, swelling, and decreased strength and range of motion, making it difficult to do simple tasks like remove the lid of jar.
- How we treat it


May make the fingers or hands look swollen or deformed. Often described as a stiffening, burning, stuck, swollen or aching sensation.
- How we treat it

Finger Dislocation -
Volar Plate

A pop or a crack of the finger knuckles may quickly cause pain and loss of movement in the middle joint if the finger is bent back too far.
- How we treat it

Trigger Finger -
Stenosing Tenosynovitis

Can cause stiffness in the morning, a clicking sound when moved or the finger locked in a bent position.
- How we treat it

Mallet Finger
(Swan neck Deformity)

A droopy finger tip occasionally causes pain, swelling at the injured fingers furthest joint and an inability to extend the finger without assistance.
- How we treat it

Central Slip Injury
(Boutonierre Deformity)

Can be sore around the back of the knuckle and difficult to straighten the finger from the middle knuckle with the finger sitting in a bent position.
- How we treat it

Flexor Tendon Injury
Jersey Finger

Common sport or trauma injury can cause swelling, bruising and pain in the fingertip. The injured finger can’t bend at the tip towards the palm.
- How we treat it

Skiers Thumb
Gamekeepers Thumb

Causes pain when moving the thumb to the side and squeezing. Can result in a loss of sensation and swelling along the thumb’s base. Common skiing and sports injury.
- How we treat it

ligament Injury

Can cause bruising, tenderness, and swelling around the base of your thumb, near the palm.
- How we treat it

De Quervain’s

Can cause pain, tenderness or swelling at the base of the thumb and numbness at the back of the thumb and index finger.
- How we treat it

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