Metacarpal Fractures



Symptoms of a metacarpal fracture usually include one or more of the following:

  • Swelling over back of hand
  • Difficulty/pain forming a fist
  • knuckles appearing “sunken” with finger of affected bone rotating away from, or into other fingers

How it occurs

Most causes of metacarpal fracture involve trauma to the hand that are caused by punching objects with a closed fist (most commonly Boxer’s Fracture).

Otherwise it can often occur from blunt force trauma (vehicle accident, direct blow to the hand, work injury) or crush injuries to the hand resulting in multiple metacarpal fractures.


With suspected metacarpal fractures, it’s best to seek urgent treatment as the results of delayed treatment can lead to further complications. In some instances surgery may be required, and in most cases this is best done as soon as the injury has been assessed.

Once an Action Rehab team member has assessed the injury and if they have determined it’s a non-operative injury, a hand-based or wrist and hand-based splint would usually be recommending depending on the injury after assessment.

Action rehab will fabricate a guard for transitioning back to sport if required.

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