Mallet Finger



Most people know when they have a Mallet Finger because they have a droopy or “hammer” tip that can’t be straightened out – but it can often be confused with being dislocated. The affected finger may be painful and swelling can develop.

How it occurs

Mallet Finger is the most frequently seen injury we treat at Action Rehab.

It’s a common sports-related injury and often brought about when a ball or other force hits the finger while in the process of being straightened or when the finger is lacerated. It also happens to lots of patients when carrying out day-to-day domestic duties, like making the bed.


We’ll look over the injury, refer you for X-rays if required, and assess how it should be looked after.

Treating a tendon Mallet Finger injury requires precise splinting, education and care in order to prevent the finger from having a swan neck deformity.

Meet Sam

Clinic Manager

Sam graduated from Victoria University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Human Movement and Exercise Science before completing Post Graduate Physiotherapy studies at the University of Melbourne in 2015. Sam began his career working in the private sector across numerous areas before discovering his love of hand therapy. Working within the team at Action Rehab, Sam takes great pride in helping people return to their hobbies, work and the sporting arena unencumbered.

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