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Nathan Palmieri

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Nathan Palmieri graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Science before completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Australian Catholic University in 2022.  During his degree Nathan has maintained his passion of physical activity through powerlifting, calisthenics and combat sports throughout all of Melbourne.

During University Nathan studied a variety of health-related fields including human anatomy and a major in physiology. He also has clinical experience working in hospital with post-surgical patients, sports training and advising high level athletes. Nathan has trained alongside amateur, professional and Olympic level combat athletes.

Nathan has developed a passion for upper limb therapy throughout placements at University and through his own personal experience with injuries. He believes this passion grew from his interest in combat sports, the importance of the body for a busy schedule and anatomy of the upper limb. As well as seeing the direct impact that upper limb therapy can have on someone’s life and on his own. 

Nathan strives to help patients return to their pre-injury level, whether that be work, sport or maintaining quality of life. Nathan particularly enjoys staying up to date with the latest in research and developing tailored rehabilitation programs for his patients whether for an upcoming event or resolving injuries.  

Outside of work you’ll find Nathan hiking different locations throughout Victoria or training with his local combat sports gym with a particular focus towards boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts. Nathan hopes to continue progress in both his personal and professional life, continuing to work towards improving his sporting life as well as his professional life through upper limb therapy. 

Nathan now dedicates his time to Action Rehab supporting people to overcome their upper limb injuries and hopes to further develop his clinical skills with a particular interest in the shoulder area and its surrounding anatomy.

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