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Damon Bol

Occupational Therapist
  • Bachelor of Health science
  • Masters of Occupational Therapy

Damon Bol graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences before completing a Masters in Occupational Therapy Practice.

Damon enjoys keeping up to date with all things upper limb related, often liaising with General Practitioners, Surgeons, Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists on the latest rehabilitation techniques. He enjoys conducting independent research on contemporary and developing interventions in both surgical and conservative management of finger, wrist and elbow injuries. Furthermore, Damon conducts his on research on injury prevention and management with the aim of helping and educating his patients on how to stay safe, fit and healthy.

Like most sensible Australians, Damon is a diehard Richmond supporter. He enjoys all things sport which has developed into a passion in treating sports related trauma.

Damon’s goal as an Action Rehab clinician is to rehab patients to help them achieve functional independence in all meaningful areas of their life.

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